Boutique Store Supplies

Wholesale Boutique Fixtures

Our boutique store supplies and store fixtures are great for merchandising, storing or organizing any types of products. From our boutique clothing racks to our boutique shoe stands, we have display fixtures to fit your every need. Available in three finishes – ivory, cobblestone, and raw steel – our boutique store supplies will help to add an element of elegance to any store.

Boutique Clothing Racks

Clothing racks are an imperative part of operations in a boutique. We offer three finishes – ivory, cobblestone and raw steel – so that your clothing racks will match the aesthetics within your boutique, attracting customers from across the store.


 Boutique Étagères

A boutique étagère offers ample space to display special merchandise, jewelry or other knickknacks. It’s easy to give your boutique its own character with an étagère from Store Supply Warehouse.


Boutique Shopping Bags

Boutique shopping is all about the entire experience, from start to finish. Give your customers something to remember with boutique retail packaging from Store Supply Warehouse, from the shopping bags to the tissue paper.


Boutique Hooks & Waterfalls

Our boutique hooks and waterfalls are designed to match the clothing racks and fixtures within your shop. In each finish – ivory, raw steel and cobblestone, retailers can find the hook or waterfall to meet his or her needs.


Boutique Store Price Tags

Price tags can really capture your customers’ attention, and in a boutique a price tag help you close the sale. Specialty boutique price tags are a great way to organize merchandise and attract customers.


Boutique Ottomans

Ottomans are a great way for retailers to add character to your store. Adding elegance to your boutique’s décor and offering your customers a place to sit, boutique ottomans are a must have.


Boutique Costumers

Costumers are an excellent way to hang and display merchandise in your boutique store. Offering the illusion of a person, the costumers will show customers how well merchandise coordinates together.


Boutique Finials

Finials are perfect for retailers looking to add their own flair to their boutique store. With a wide selection of boutique finials in ivory, cobblestone and chrome, retailers can interchange the finials on all of their merchandise displays.


Boutique Hangers

Our boutique hangers are the perfect way to create a cohesive boutique merchandise display. In plastic or wood, and available in various colors, boutique owners can find the hangers to match their store’s décor.


Boutique Signs

When your boutique shop holds a sale, let your customers know!  Our boutique signs are a great way to present on-sale merchandise in an attractive, yet elegant fashion.


Boutique Store Mirrors

Our boutique store mirrors will show your customers exactly how they look in your finest boutique merchandise. Display next to fitting rooms or merchandise stands, providing convenience to your customers.


Boutique Shoe Stands

Our boutique line offers a wide selection of shoe stands in chrome, cobblestone, and ivory, offering elegant yet practical displays for any type of boutique footwear.


Boutique Dressmaker Forms

Our boutique dressmaker forms are great for displaying or altering merchandise. Available in various jersey covers, Store Supply Warehouse offers dressmaker forms for any boutique store. Build your own using our custom dressmaker form builder.


Boutique Jewelry Displays

Boutique Jewelery Displays are perfect for countertops and shelves. Our Chocolate, linen, and pink displays are a perfect way to tie your boutique shop together!


Boutique Display Cases

Add a touch of sophistication your retail space with our Boutique Display Cases available in three luxurious colors: Antique, Charcoal, and Espresso. Our display cases feature a durable wood grain finish with tempered glass throughout the units. Shop today!