Thrift Store Supplies

When opening a thrift store or consignment store, low price is a must have. At Store Supply Warehouse, all of our products are backed by our lowest price guarantee. Now you can find everything you need from pricing stickers to metal shelves, so that you can quickly and efficiently place your inventory on display. We sell everything you need to develop your thrift shop or consignment shop, so that you can keep your products organized on attractive displays. In addition to our thrift store fixtures, we sell economy hardware and accessories, to make it easy on retailers hanging merchandise on hooks, hangers and faceouts.

Discount Pricing Guns

Pricing guns are a must have at any thrift shop. Efficiency is important to your business model, and our economy pricing guns can help improve efficiency without costing an arm and a leg.


Discount Stickers and Tagging Fasteners

Your pricing stickers and tagging fasteners don’t need to be fancy, they just need to get the job done. With various colored stickers and bulk tagging fasteners, Store Supply Warehouse can assist you when stocking inventory.


Economy Shoulder Covers

Whether you are a resale, thrift or consignment shop, you will want these economy shoulder covers to help protect your men’s and women’s clothing. Buy in bulk for the best price!


Discount Store Fixtures

Sometimes simplicity is a good thing. Our discount showcases, discount retail displays, and discount racks and shelves are perfect for any resale shop for displaying clothing, knick knacks or discount items.


Economy Sale Signs

What better way to let people know about your store than letting them know that there are great prices and sales happening. With many styles and colors to choose from these are sure to be a guaranteed way to acquire more customers.


Economy Hangers

Simply a must have for any clothing store; these hangers are essential to your business. But why waste your entire budget setting up the store when you can spend that money somewhere else? Buy in bulk and save money with Store Supply Warehouse.


Hanger Size Markers

Make life easier on yourself and customers when you get organized and add hanger size markers to every item. No more searching for sizes or tags, just slip these on and you are on your way to saving money and time.


Economy Banners

One of the most important things in opening your own store is advertising and what better way to let the public know that it’s your grand opening than with a banner. These are cheap but extremely effective and durable banners that are sure to gather some attention to your store.


Discount Metal Pegboard

Get organized and more efficient this year and install a Gondola system or use Discount Pegboard Hardware and Accessories. Our Economy Gondola Shelves, Economy Gondola Shelving Units, and Economy Gondola Fencing are simple to setup and affordable ways to keep your store organized.


Discount Merchandise Bags

Bags are the single most important item among store necessities. With so many choices of merchandise bags at Store Supply you are sure to find something that can work for your store.


Discount Paper Bags

Ideal for grocery stores or markets these paper bags are a great way durable way for your customers to carry their purchases home. We offer many styles, sizes and colors in paper bags, you’re sure to find one that you will love.


Discount T-Shirt Bags

Ideal for grocery stores, restaurants and many more retail stores these bags are excellent for combining affordability and style. With many colors and materials Store Supply is sure to have exactly what you need.


Economy Body Forms

No clothing store is complete unless you have a great window display featuring your clothing and products. For the best prices and selections on all styles of mannequins and body form accessories, shop with Store Supply Warehouse.