Adapting Your Business to Succeed

As a business owner you know how to face down challenges and adapt to change. Unique challenges can help us to create new opportunities for our business to succeed. We work with customers throughout the country and have assembled some of the ways they have adapted their businesses quickly to changing circumstances.

Moving brick and mortar online

The bulk of your business may be customers walking through your front door, but if those customers are stuck at home, you need to be able to reach them there. Here are some great ways to reach customers online:

  • Website
    • If you already have products and a checkout on your site great – now is the time to set up sales, put things on closeout and entice customers with a deal. Also push gift cards they can cash in later on.
    • If your website is mostly company info – You can still promote sales on your site by featuring images of products and asking customers to call in to take payment – then you can ship or even set up a curb side pick-up program (see below)
    • No website? There are options! There are a lot of great small business website builders like Wix, Weebly or Wordpress that will build a website for you or help you build your own. If you don’t want to jump into a full on website, you can utilize eBay for online sales or you can promote products on Facebook and have customers call in to collect payment
  • Setting up an at-home or at-work photo studio for online posts
    • You can set up a quick photo studio anywhere in your house.
    • Natural lighting is a good choice if you have access to a good light source. If not, you can purchase a simple lightbox or create your own with foam core that can be purchased at craft or discount stores.
    • You will also need a few tabletop or floor lamps for lighting.
    • A good digital camera is ideal but not required to take good pictures. A smartphone can work for photos and comes with easy to use photo editing software.
    • A tripod can be a useful choice with your camera or phone to enable you to take good, clear pictures.
  • Supplies to help with online pictures
    • Jewelry – necklace busts, earring displays, bracelet bars
    • Clothing – plastic clothing forms, sales racks, grid panels, costumers, mannequin heads, hand and foot forms
    • Shoes- shoe displays, acrylic risers

Set up curb-side or mail services

If you have a store location, consider offering your customers alternative ways to shop. It may not be possible for them to come into the store to eat or browse for products they want.

Offer the ability for customers to order over the phone and pick up their products curb side. It would simply require you to take your customer’s order over the phone, set up payment, then package their products and take it out to them without them even leaving their vehicle. That is a VIP service that you can continue to offer even after we are able to interact as before.

Another service you can offer is delivery service for products they order. If you aren’t able to deliver the product yourself, you can always consider enlisting the help of a local courier service that can pick up the merchandise for you. There may be ride sharing drivers willing to deliver products for you during the day as well.

Check out where you can find take-out bags and awesome packaging products to help create a memorable purchase experience curb-side or through the mail.

Hopefully we have inspired you to think outside the box. We are here as a partner to help you continue to build the store of your dreams, we look forward to serving you!

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