Choosing A Display Case

Tips for Choosing a Display Case

  • Display cases are multi-functional, multi-dimensional retail store necessities.
    Store Supply Warehouse has a wide selection of display cases, and other store fixtures to make your store attractive and functional. Picking a display case for your store is as important as picking furniture for your home. A display case acts as an anchor, a focal point in terms of the store fixtures. Coordinate a display unit with the finish that compliments your merchandise and store decor.

  • Consider your store's layout.
    Depending on the store's design, you may have one or several display cases lining the walls or grouped in the center of the store. If your display units will also be your checkout area, keep them a good distance away from the front entrance of the store. This allows people to browse and creates a pressure-free environment. Customers do not want to be greeted by checkout lines upon entering the store. If you need assistance with your store layout, we offer free design services! Please contact Erika at 1-314-292-5909 or by email at

  • Select a display case that best fits your clientele.
    If your customers are older, a display unit with a few high shelves is easier for them to view instead of one with many shelves that they have to bend down to see. If you sell high-end items such as watches, jewelry, or cosmetics, a locking glass showcase would be a tasteful choice. Add velvet or a soft cloth to the shelves for an elegant effect. In a store for children, lower shelves with colorful merchandise, sit at eye level for kids to see and request as their parents are shopping.

  • Impulse sales mean increased profits.
    Point-of-purchase sales are boosted when small items are placed near the register. For an increase in impulse sales, add smaller displays of discount items near the register. Also consider placing a few racks or shelves near the register for people to peruse as they stand in line.

  • Display cases present endless opportunities to highlight your merchandise, while keeping it orderly and attractive. Shop all Display Cases.

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