Garment Bags

Garment bags are an essential part of keeping formal gowns and other types of special occasion clothing free from dust and debris. Garment bags can be used for storage or given to customers when they purchase new clothing. We have several styles of garment bags that range from single use to reusable depending on your company’s needs.

Plastic Garment Bags are a single-use option that can be used on the roll manually or along with our garment bag rack. These bags are available in multiple lengths to accommodate a variety of clothing. They feature perforated ends that pull away easily and quickly to secure your merchandise. Plastic Garment Bags can be found in two different finishes: white and clear. There are three different sizes available: 21x3x36” for shirts, 21x3x54” for suits and performance wear and 21x3x72” for evening and bridal. Clear bags are available in all three sizes, while white bags are only available in the 72” length.

Garment Covers offer the ease of single-use bags with the durability of multi-use bags. These types of bags are typically given out for evening wear, special occasion clothing and bridal gowns. We offer several different styles. Our black suit covers are available in 40” and 54” lengths. This particular bag features a front zipper, rounded shoulders, and weather and crack resistant fabric. They are sold in packs of 25. Our bridal covers are available in two finishes, white and clear. Each type is 72” long. The white covers are wider at the bottom and offer a reinforced hanger opening. Both styles are sold in cartons of 12.

Grip-Tite Canvas Garment Bags are essential for those who transport product samples and retail merchandise. These bags feature a dark canvas fabric that is very durable and designed for traveling. The grip-tite locking system allows for metal hangers to stay in place at the top for hanging ease. The bags can be padlocked for added protection and are available in two lengths: 42” and 57”.

Shoulder covers are an economical way to keep garments cleaner by applying covers to the top portion of the garments. There are two styles available. The 13” plastic shoulder covers are sold in packages of 100, while the 8” vinyl shoulder covers are sold in packages of 50. Each work well with women’s and men’s lightweight clothing.

Our garment bag selection offers a range of products that can accommodate a variety of clothing styles and budgets. We have a video available on our YouTube channel that shows how to use our garment bags with our garment bag rack. You can view the video here:


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