Top 5 Tips for Displaying Jewelry

How To Display Jewelry To Sell


Your jewelry presentation is a very important aspect that can lead to generating sales. Customers do not always know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to purchasing jewelry and that is why it is essential to cater your jewelry displays to your target buyers.

  1. Match the display with the style of jewelry you are displaying.
    The jewelry you sell probably corresponds with the style and tastes of your customers. If you sell high end, one-of-a-kind pieces, then you should focus on displaying each piece in a special, unique way. It is so important to take into consideration the types of pieces you are selling. If you have pieces with precious gems and stones then we recommend using black velvet or black faux leather to make the jewelry sparkle and shine. Some merchandise might be more eclectic and made with beads, smooth rocks, string, and wire. Using other textures and colors in the display could be more eye-catching. We offer lots of color options like chocolate, linen, or our wood collection. Consider a few adjectives you would use to describe your jewelry inventory. Ask yourself is your jewelry casual, funky, or formal? Allow your displays to match the describing words accordingly.

  2. Utilize a variety of mirrors in several places in your store.
    Customers will want to view themselves at all angles when trying on jewelry. Having mirrors encourages customers to try on pieces and will make them more likely to make that final purchase. You can even strategically place mirrors closer to sales associate stations, so you can ask if they need any assistance. It would also be a good idea to have hand mirrors behind the counter for people to view the jewelry from the back of the neck or even a close up.

  3. Make the jewelry the focus.
    Be careful to not let your merchandise become hidden by your display materials and other accessories. It can be easy to get carried away decorating displays, but sometimes less is more. Take a step back to look at your display and make a note of the function of each display you are using. If you can't think of a reason for a particular decoration, chances are you would be better off without it. But most importantly, when you step back it is important to ask yourself, is it the jewelry that stands out the most?

  4. Think about how portable you want your displays.
    If you have jewelry displayed during store hours and then put it away at night for safe keeping, you will want displays that are easy to maintain and move. Think about the difference between stationary displays and portable displays. Stationary displays are more appropriate for stores that do most business in-house. Owners that conduct a large part of their business at craft shows or trade shows will likely lean toward portable displays. It's even possible you may find that you have a need for both.

  5. Be organized.
    Customers can be very frustrated with tangled necklaces and bracelets. Make sure to keep your merchandise organized with earring cards, necklace holders, and foldovers. You can even customize them for a complete brand look! In addition, finding a card with a missing earring is a turn off. So, choose displays that will be easy for you to maintain and straighten up regularly through the day.
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