Our Five Favorite Thrift Store Fixtures

Our Five Favorite Thrift Store Fixtures

Thrift stores are amazing resources to find something completely unique!  However, since almost every item is one-of-a-kind, proper organization is essential. You want shoppers to be able to easily find the gently-used treasures that are on their wish lists, and the right fixtures are your best bet for arranging your eclectic mix of items in an appealing way. Not sure which fixtures are right for your store? Here are our picks for the five best thrift store fixtures that will really help you showcase your unique items that are looking for a new home.

#1 Clothing Racks
In any thrift store, it’s crucial to have the right fixtures to not only organize what you’re selling, but to also maximize the space of your store. Using single or double rail racks to merchandise clothing by category, size, gender, and color helps shoppers easily flip through racks of clothing. Round racks are great for showing off seasonal items – think coats, jackets, Halloween costumes, wedding dresses, and evening gowns - and clothing with a smaller inventory like baby outfits, kids’ clothes, or business suits.

#2 Mannequins
Just like department stores, thrift stores can use mannequins to display some of the really amazing items that come in. One of the best ways to use mannequins is to deck them out with high-end designer items paired with matching accessories. As items sell, it’s a good idea to keep rotating what your mannequins are wearing to keep your displays exciting and fresh. Just be sure to outfit them with items that are seasonally appropriate to increase their likelihood of selling. Not only will clothing sales increase by using mannequins, but thanks to the extra exposure, your accessories selection might see a sales spike as add-on purchases.

#3 Slatwall or Wire Grid
Your walls make up the bones of your thrift store and are one of the best spaces to display items. Maximize your use of these spaces by installing some versatile slatwall or wire grid panels to hang clothing and accessories like handbags, scarves, hats and belts. Want to display more than accessories? Add shelves for used home goods, media, or electronics. You can even use them to hang baskets of items, sports equipment, and bicycles. The possibilities are practically endless.

#4 Shoe Racks
A massive shoe pile looks anything but inviting to shoppers. That’s why shoe racks are our number four pick on this list. They keep all of your pairs looking neat and tidy, give an easy way to sort options by size and style, and help potential buyers easily inspect a pair before they decide to make a purchase. Usually, it’s best to place shoe racks near the accessories wall - but if you prefer not to use a shoe rack, don’t forget about your walls! You can just as easily add shelves on slatwall panels to display your shoe selection close to your accessories area if you have the space.

#5 Display Cases
Help special items look even more precious with the help of some display cases. Since these fixtures are often the focal point of a store, save them for the front or checkout counter area where they’ll get the most attention. What should you display in here? Figurines, hats, jewelry, designer items, handbags, and any other pricey pieces are perfect to show off inside of these. Keeping the cases organized and grouping like items together will help customers easily find what they’re looking for.

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