Bakers Rack

Our wooden baker's rack has the ability to transform all types of merchandise for a variety of uses. This merchandise rack is a smart choice for different looks ranging from Americana to Country French. For under $25 dollars, we have transformed the look of a simple natural finish wooden rack into an eye-catching, chic merchandiser worthy of any specialty store, boutique, or even your closet at home.


To create this crackle technique we used two colors of latex paint and crackle medium. We painted the base coat using an easy to apply latex gold paint color that can be purchased at any discount or hardware store and let it dry overnight. For this application we recommend that you apply two coats of the base color before applying the crackle medium. The paint must adhere well to the pine wood in order for the crackle to "grab" the base coat. After the base coat has dried, you need to apply the crackle medium according to the directions for the medium that is used and allow it to dry. Make sure that the crackle medium will work with the type of paint you have chosen. Lastly, apply the top coat of black paint color. As you paint over the crackle finish you will notice the paint start to antique, revealing the base coat underneath.

It is important that you choose colors that are not closely related in tone or color. If the colors are too close together you will find that the crackle effect will not be as dramatic. Keep in mind the more contrasting the colors, the more dramatic the effect will be.

We have chosen to merchandise shoes and handbags for this project. We turned the shoes to a side profile to create a contemporary look. Don't forget to add lifts and levels with our acrylic risers. Our risers are a great option to add visual interest. Adding lifts and levels allows for the eye to wonder throughout the entire display. The idea is to make it so appealing that your customer will want to purchase every item on the rack. It is important to keep in mind that in addition to shoes and accessories this could be used to display other merchandise as well. Standing at 70" in height, this rack has plenty of room to display home décor, holiday merchandise, bakeware, or edible products.

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