Best Bets for Merchandising a Beauty Supply Store

Beauty supply stores can be very challenging to keep organized and strategically merchandised. That’s why it’s important to get creative with your fixture options. With so many smaller items to display, shelf space is often at a premium. Maximize your floor space to help shoppers easily find what they need with this quick list of some of our favorite fixture suggestions.

Gondolas are a necessity for most beauty supply stores. Why? For starters, these fixtures are strong enough to hold shelving that can merchandise larger, heavier items. Plus, you can add peghooks to them to hang smaller items or easily create an attractive, targeted display. For example, to create an endcap that focuses on manicures and pedicure, simply add peghooks filled with nail files, polish remover wipes, nail stickers, cuticle sticks, and nail polish. Another thing we love about gondolas is that they are a convenient way to keep branded items together, meaning less searching for busy shoppers.

We consider slatwall the ultimate fixture for maximizing store space because there’s so much you can do with it. Easily add packaged accessories like hair extensions, hair clips, and curlers with the help of just some peghooks. It can also accommodate a single hat or cap display to show off your wigs, head wraps, and more. If your beauty supply store sells apparel, you might want to consider adding faceouts to show off your stock or invest in some sleek shelves for foldable items like tee shirts. Slatwall baskets are perfect for displaying large amounts of smaller products that do not hang well on peghooks like scarves, ponytail holders, headbands, and body scrubbers.

Tables might not work well for every store due to their size restrictions, but they can definitely help emphasize special offers. Retail bulk tables, also known as dump tables, are helpful when organizing sale items, cosmetics, nail polish, travel sized items, and small accessories. For an upscale look, you might also want to think about using a three-tiered table to highlight higher-end haircare and beauty spa products if you have the floor space available.

Display Cases
To showcase more expensive items, set them apart using display cases. Not only will these higher price point items stay organized and secure, they will definitely draw the eye since display cases make great focal points. Jewelry, purses, hair extensions, and accessories are great items to fill your display cases with, but you can also use the case’s space to display pricey hair tools like straighteners, curlers, and dryers. Don’t forget - display cases can also be set up in front of slatwall to enclose the area and create counter space to assist customers.

In order to help your customers get a complete idea of how something will look on them outside of the store, mannequins definitely come in handy. Depending on the items you’re selling, you may not even need full mannequins. Instead, opt for just mannequin heads to display wigs, hats, or hair accessories.

A classic way to merchandise mannequin heads is to place them on shelves on slatwall or inside of display cases to show off your best items. Another display option using mannequins is to add shelves to a gondola fixture and use them to hold wigs that are easily reachable. When these items are accessible, their placement can actually encourage customers to interact with them and maybe even try them on.

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