Deterring Employee Theft

Employee Theft

Discouraging employee theft takes some finesse and planning, but it can be accomplished by using a few techniques.

Prior to hiring any employee, check their references completely. Make sure to ask for legitimate professional references. If you see any red flags, follow your instinct and move on to the next potential employee.

Institute a regular cash register procedure with each salesperson working. Count drawers at the beginning and end of every employee's shift and make sure that each drawer contains the same amount of cash. It is very important to not allow any employees to share a cash drawer. Purchase a register that can be programmed to add names or employee numbers. Our ER180T register has a clerk sign in and sign out feature and retails for under $200.00. Implementing standard mid-shift audits are also a good idea, especially on a busy day. Make sure you keep the cash drawer procedures standard for all employees, so that everyone is provided with the same expectations.

Compare sales receipts to inventory on a regular basis to discover any shortages. Have employees use the same door to enter and exit each day. If possible, everyone should leave together at the end of the business day. By employing consistent policies and keeping an eye on your employees, you can deter employee theft.

Overall, make sure you have trustworthy employees. To learn what makes a great hire, click here!