Top 4 Fixtures Every Gift Store Needs

Top 4 Fixtures Every Gift Store Needs

Gift shops can be vast collections of everything from kitschy vacation souvenirs to classic pieces of art. They can be serious and upscale or wacky and fun, and the variety of items in a gift store is usually pretty varied. Organizationally, this means having plenty of ways to merchandise items since your gift store’s look is one of the key ways you can attract potential buyers. Here are some of our favorite ways to increase the focus on what you’re selling to help entice customers and increase sales.

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed table. In your gift shop, tables can be used for smaller items like books, candles, cosmetics, personal care items, and bath products. They’re perfect for creating a unified theme or flow and grouping like items together like gift sets and seasonal items. As an added bonus, placing a table near your checkout counter is a great strategy for increasing last-minute, impulse purchases.

Floor Fixtures
We love floor fixtures because they come in all shapes and sizes. Use spinner racks throughout your gift shop to separate and organize different products like jewelry, souvenirs and brochures. Coordinating items can be merchandised together with the help of some 2-ways. If you have a lot of items to hang, peg hooks can save the day to give you all of the hanging space you need.

Slatwall and Wire Grid
Don’t forget about slatwall and wire grid fixtures. One of the major benefits of using slatwall in your gift shop is that it can display a ton of items - from clothes to books to toys - while saving valuable floor space for other fixtures. It’s great for hanging candy, snacks, souvenirs, jewelry and practically anything packaged with a hanging tab.

Create displays on slatwall by adding accessories like shelves, acrylic trays, brochure holders and brackets. If your gift store sells apparel, use faceouts to hang clothing or shelving to fold items like tee shirts and jeans. Likewise, wire grid and wire grid accessories like baskets, bins, shelves, and literature holders can help you successfully organize and display small items that need to be grouped together - think accessories, toiletries, specialty snacks and magazines.

Fashion Body Forms
Fashion body forms not only attract attention visually, they help shoppers get a better idea of how items might look on them. If you have the display space available, body forms with hollow backs are great investments for two reasons. First off, they can be hung on your walls, and secondly, they can save a lot of counter space. Free-standing body forms are another good merchandising option for gift shops since they can be displayed on top of tables or wall shelves. These give shoppers’ eyes another place to land when they’re scanning your store, so save these for displaying your favorite items.

Do your top four fixture picks match ours? Did you think of something that should also be included on this list? Let us know!

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