Displaying Hair Bows

I have a kids clothing store that is fun and funky! We have zebra ceilings, pink flying pigs, and a different color in each themed room. We sell a lot of hairbows that are just as wild! My question, what is a cute idea of displaying all the bows? My area to use is 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. – Tracie, TX

You definitely have a lot of options when it comes to displaying accessories in your store, no matter how wild the decor! If you are looking to display a large amount of hair bows all at one time, consider some different types of floor displays.

You could use 2’ X 6’ grid panel and attach legs to it so that it stands freely. Then you can attach peg hooks of any size to display your bows. Another option is a rotating slatwall unit. Just attach some slatwall peg hooks and you will be able to have a display that rotates for customer convenience.

There is also a rotating peg display that has 4 tiers where you can hang your hair bows. It rotates and is very light and portable so you can move it around to suit the changing display needs of your store. There is also a counter-top version that is perfect for those impulse buys at the checkout.

You could also use swivel clips to clip the hair ribbons and bows and hang them anywhere in your store. Since your store is fun and funky, don’t be afraid to go wild with any of your displays!

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