How to Style On-Trend Clothing Racks

How to Style On-Trend Clothing Racks

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a statement within your store is to update an existing store fixture color scheme with trendy fixtures. Whenever you make a change like this, consider your overall inventory offering. Store fixtures should never take away from your merchandise but allow it to stand out and draw your customers’ attention. Fixtures should be used to enhance your inventory and add to the customer experience.

Rose Gold and White clothing racks as well as wall faceouts are beautiful colors that complement each other and will give your store a modern, sleek look. Our affordable racks are easy to assemble and can be easily relocated as your store changes and inventory fluctuates.

We recommend that you try our 29-ball spiral racks to show off featured tops and bottoms. This would be a great display to have near another rack with the outfit on it or on a nearby mannequin. A two-way or four-way rack is another option to show off outfits and make the selection process easier for your customers. Make sure that you space your racks on the sales floor with enough room in between for customers to walk through. Make sure you consider your customer’s personal space as well. Create several featured looks and place complimentary items around it so that customers can consider everything else that is a good match. Making shopping options easy is always the goal. Take the guess work out of it for them. They will be more relaxed and will possibly purchase more. Always keep the sales floor organized and color coordinated. As customers head toward the check out area, place faceouts or displays near the checkout area with accessories like jewelry that will match the clothing.

Would you like to see the entire clothing rack collection? Please click this link to take you directly to that page. If you have existing slatwall in your store and you would like to see more faceout options, please click the link here.

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