Signage and Table Ideas

Signage is a key element in any retail space because it allows your store to tell a story. Signs can contain very few words or an entire explanation of what's going on and where to find merchandise throughout the store. Your main objective should be making sure your customers know about your special sale or promotion.

There is nothing more frustrating to customers than walking through a store that has a sale then getting to the register only to find that the item(s) you are purchasing were not part of the sale. We have put together some display ideas and tips featuring our products to give you some inspiration. We hope to give you some fresh ideas for your next sale.

Nesting Display Tables- We offer several styles of display tables that nest into each other. This type of display is a simple way to show product without taking up a lot of space on the sales floor. Folding blouses or pants on the tables along with signage at different levels leaves no question in the customer's mind which products are for sale.

Sale Signs- Signs are available in a variety of styles and colors that coordinate well with whatever color scheme you are working with. We carry basic styles in classic colors like red and white. We also have more contemporary styles that feature black and white stripes, softer colors, and patterns available in our Boutique Collection.

Sign Holders- Sign holders are an essential part of displaying your signage in a professional way. Our sign holders are available in a variety of different styles and colors to fit the needs of your store. We offer signage for tabletops, floors, and clothing racks.

From floor to table signage, check out all of our signage options here!

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