Creating a Welcome Environment

Creating a Welcoming Environment

Not only will your displays draw in customers, but the overall feel of your store will dictate whether or not a person decides to enter. The key is to make customers feel as comfortable as possible to put them in the shopping mood.

There are some simple questions to ask yourself to determine how approachable your store is to potential customers. We recommended answering the following questions about your store and from your findings, try some new things to improve.

What kind of lighting is best suited for your store?

With lighting you can set the tone of your store and highlight new or seasonal products. Some stores strategically may want it darker and can achieve this by using lamps instead of overhead lighting. Lights that are too bright and white may remind people of the superstore they wanted to avoid. Burnt out lights both outside and inside your store should be avoided.

What is the first smell that a customer is introduced to in your store?

A foul smell is a big turn off to a customer. However, a great scent can be a huge selling point. And because smell and memory are closely linked, it's important for customers associate a good scent with your store. We recommend going with a clean or widely popular scent such as fresh linen or vanilla. Be careful not to over-do it because that can also present a turnoff. Pick clean and light scents that are airy, nothing overwhelming.

How clean is your store? Is there dust on merchandise or dirt on the floor from foot traffic?

Keeping a clean store might sound like a no brainer, but it is something that you are going to have to watch and maintain every day. If you let this get away from you it will be harder to attain desirable cleanliness in the future and one bad experience may turn a customer away for good.

Are key areas in your store clearly marked?

Don't make customers search for items until they get so frustrated that they give up completely. Have your aisles clearly marked. And remember to let people know where the restrooms, customer service, exits, and gift wrapping stations are located.

Is there a greeter readily available for customers that need assistance?

Greeters let customers know that you are available and that you genuinely care. However, there is also a threat of becoming overbearing and even intimidating customers who may prefer to browse without interruptions. The trick is to read customers' verbal and nonverbal language. They will give signals if they want to be left alone.

These are simple things that you can implement to make your store more welcoming. Little things like adding a scented candle or a few daily cleaning duties to your store can go a long way.

Color can also have a big impact on your store, click here to learn more!

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